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The Band Saw:

The band saw is a great way to roughly cut out your design, it is able to cut timber up to about 85mm thick. There are safety and operational issues with this tool so please have a chat with Keith, Stan, Zane or John P if you are  interested in making use of it.

Sharpening Wheel:

Sharpening your tools can be daunting and there are a wide range of products and advice available. The club has a bench grinder set up with the Ashley Iles Sharpening System (www.ashleyiles.co.uk/tool_sharpening.html ). This is a popular system with woodcarvers and most people can get good results quickly with a bit of guidance.


We have a number of Black and Decker Workmates to hold your projects while you are working on them.  There are also a selection of clamps, wedges, tool holders etc. to help you set up a safe and comfortable working space.

Work Bench Woodcarving


There is a book and magazine library of wood carving literature that members can browse and borrow. Full of pictures, articles and patterns these often prove a good source of inspiration for many member.

Woodcarving by Bill Knollman

Hand Tools:

Woodcarving toolsWoodcarving toolsPyrography Tool


Thanks to Axminster Tools & Machinery the club now has an Antex Fire Writer. This is a great tool for creating intricate decoration or adding a little something extra to your project. If nothing else you can use it to sign you name in wood.

Pyrography is a craft in its own right, so why not try searching online to see what other people have done: