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Local Woodcarvers/Tutors:

Duanes Carvings: duanescarving.blogspot.co.uk

Pete Charters: www.primleywoodcarving-knottedjewellery.co.uk

Sean Hellman: www.seanhellman.com

Zoe Gertner: www.zoegertner.co.uk

This map is intended to show places of interest to wood carvers such as clubs, shops and professional carvers/tutors. Many of the location are based on postcodes or town names, so please treat them as approximate.

If there is anything inaccurate or missing from the map then please let us know.

Woodcarver’s Map of the UK: Publications:

The Woodworkers Institute

Woodcarving Magazine

Woodcarving Illustrated

British Woodcarvers Association

Woodcarving penguin by Keith Wilson Tools and Timber:

Ashley Iles

Axminster Tools & Machinery

English Woods

The Toolpost

Turners Retreat

Woodworks Craft Supplies


There is an index of local clubs and organisations on the Devon Community Directory: