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Privacy Policy


Our club is governed by a constitution and run by a committee of  8 of our members:

The committee meets regularly and is always open to new ideas or suggestions. Meetings are published in advance in the club calendar.

Cost of Membership

Exeter Woodcarvers is a not for profit organisation, but we do have some running costs. For example our venue hire, club equipment, cups of tea and insurance.

Weekly Subscription

We each pay the treasurer £2 for each meeting we attend (No cost for the meetings you miss).

Annual Subscription

These are due each year at the Annual General Meeting in March. The 2017/2018 fees are:

Standard Membership: £20

Junior Membership:      £10

Couples Membership:   £30

[Fees are pro-rata through the year for new members joining]

At the time of writing these fees are due for review at the AGM in March 2017.

Calendar Zebra Woodcarving by James Gardner

Club Equipment

The club has a range of equipment available for use by its members, and there is always someone on hand who can offer some advice on the best way to use it. It is anticipated that most members will build up their own collection of hand tools over time. But the club hope we can make a sufficient number of hand tools available to new and perspective members while they get started and build up their own collection.