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Your first project

Beginners normally start with a relief carving of a leaf. Its easy to start with a still life and there are always leaves to hand to work from.

This simple project helps you to learn all the basic cuts and techniques to build on before choosing your own projects.

Leaf Woodcarving for beginers (oak)

Why not give it a go

We understand that you may need to try woodcarving before you know if it’s a hobby for you. So we do not charge new members for their first night and we do not require new members to pay for full membership until their fourth evening.

What tools do you need?

Buying your first tools can be daunting and expensive. So our advice is don’t. Come along to our club (or one similar) and have a look at what other people are using, have a go and ask questions before you invest.


You can work with almost any wood, you will have to sharpen your tools more often with harder woods.

But seasoned lime (Tilia Vulgaris) is probably the most popular. The grain is usually straight and has a fine and uniform texture.

We do stock and resell timber at cost price to our members.

Anyone can carve

All you need is a little enthusiasm. For many carvers the enjoyment comes from the process of carving as much as the results.